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    Mattress imports edge up 1% in October, China maintains 1% share

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    Mattress imports edged up 1% in October, an industry report said.

    Growth in countries outside of China has been strong and has offset the steep declines seen in Chinese mattress imports in recent months, Raymond James said in its latest import report. It said the growth in shipments from those other countries is “concerning” and could bring headwinds to domestic bedding producers, which have been hoping that steep antidumping duties on Chinese mattress producers would give them a lift.

    The U.S. International Trade Commission released the October mattress import statistics over the weekend. They showed that Indonesia, Cambodia and Malaysia recorded significant mattress imports that month. Overall, China remains far down the list of mattress importers, maintaining its 1% share, Raymond James said. Vietnam was the top mattress importer in October, with 266,765 units, good for a 35% share of the market, up seven percentage points from September.

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