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    SSB relaunches Simmons brand, targets Gen Z and Millennials

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    Serta Simmons Bedding is relaunching its legacy Simmons brand as a playful, value-priced ‘first mattress’ line aimed at Gen Z and Millennials. The move is part of an overall brand refresh and innovation push that began in 2018, when SSB merged with direct-to-consumer brand Tuft & Needle, the company said.

    The collection will expand to additional models in 2020 that will be sold both online and with key brick-and-mortar dealers, the company said.

    SSB officials said the new line represents a “radical relaunch” of the 150-year-old Simmons brand, which has been “reimagined for a world where beds come in boxes, quick-ship is demanded and life stages rule consumer mattress purchasing decisions.”

    The new line is designed specifically for the way Gen Z and Millennials are shopping, buying and hanging out in beds today, the company said. It said it sees “unmet needs” in the Gen Z and young Millennial consumer groups that it is addressing in the new line.

    Millennials are between the ages of 23 and 38 this year. Gen Z consumers are in the generation that follows Millennials, making the oldest Gen Z consumers 22 this year, demographers say.


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