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    Simmons aims to ‘bring fun back to sleep’ with new value-priced line

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    Serta Simmons Bedding is aiming to “bring the fun back to sleep” with its new value-priced Simmons bedding line.

    The two beds in the new line combine Simmons’ proven design, technology and cooling expertise with “the convenience and unboxing fun that today’s Gen Z and Millennial consumers desire when they purchase a product online,” said Melanie Huet, chief marketing officer at SSB.

    “Gen Z is constantly breaking the rules set by previous generations, and as a brand that realizes that a bed can be much more than just a good night’s sleep, we are uniquely positioned to be their partner in bringing the fun back to sleep,” Huet said. “The new Simmons line offers these disruptors a quick-ship, value-priced crash pad built for the way they live, whether that’s having a Sunday-funday, eating brunch in bed, mid-day napping, scrolling, streaming or even sleeping.”

    SSB is also unveiling a new Simmons logo, an interactive winking eye logo, which will begin appearing on the brand’s , retailer partner sites and strategically on product packaging and marketing campaign, which will fully roll out throughout the first quarter of 2020.


    “We’ve not only completely reimagined our mattress offerings, but also how we show up to Gen Z and Millennials and where we connect with them digitally and socially,” Huet said.

    Simmons plans to launch its own DTC website by March 2020 and will launch a series of brand acts designed to inspire Gen Z and Millennials to continue to bring the ‘Fun-ZZZs’ back to sleep, she said.

    The SSB portfolio refresh features “mass innovation” across the company’s product lines and marketing initiatives. “SSB has built a powerhouse of brands based on compelling data, consumer insights and segmentation, and campaigns,” Huet said.

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