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    Corsicana Mattress plant in PA to close

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    The Corsicana Mattress Company will be closing its Pennsylvania plant in February 2020, putting 59 people out of work.

    In the letter to Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry, Carla Weber, Corsicana’s human resource director said, “We are restructuring our business due to major changes in the industry with the growth of online bed-in-a box retailers, rise of imports and shrinking footprint of our major brick-and-mortar customer.”

    The Department of Labor and Industry said employees were notified of the closure in early December. The company will offer a small group of employees the opportunity to move to its Connecticut facility.

    The plant in Pennsylvania has been operating since March 2012. Corsicana will now move all production to plants in Connecticut, North Carolina and Illinois. The company has 13 plants across the United States: in Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, Washington, Alabama and Connecticut.

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