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    Soft-Tex completes acquisition of Reactex

    Time:2020-01-17 11:38:56    Share:

    Soft-Tex International has completed its acquisition of the Reactex.

    Bringing Reactex technology under a single entity will promote the expansion of Soft-Tex’s development, engineering, and production capabilities as well as expedite the commercialization of new product for Soft-Tex’s growing customer base, officials said.

    As part of the transaction, Mark Smiderle, the inventor of Reactex technology, has been appointed to the Soft-Tex board of directors and will lead Soft-Tex’s global innovation efforts, including continued development of Reactex technology. Scott Thayer will continue to lead Reactex business development efforts.

    “The acquisition of Reactex is a true differentiator for Soft-Tex and its customers,” said Jeff Chilton, CEO of Soft-Tex. “We are not just a leading supplier of bedding and memory foam products any more, we’re now an innovation company. … Now we have a technology, resources and know-how to bring it to our current customer base and commercialize many retail sectors.”

    Thayer said several collections of bedding products powered by Reactex technology will be introduced in more than 1,250 retail stores this spring and summer, and he predicted an “aggressive expansion” of Reaxtex technology to partners in the furniture and mattress retail market.




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