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    Customs Finds Reasonable Suspicion That Rayson Global Has Evaded Antidumping Order on Innersprings from China

    Time:2020-01-18 14:45:38    Share:

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has found reasonable suspicion that Rayson Global, Incorporated (Rayson) has evaded antidumping duties on Chinese innersprings by falsely claiming they were manufactured in Thailand. CBP reached its finding following an initial investigation in which it could not corroborate Rayson’s claim that the innersprings were manufactured in Thailand. Specifically, CBP found that Green Asia (the Thai company that Rayson identified as the manufacturer) in fact had no manufacturing facilities.

    As a result, CBP has imposed “interim measures” by collecting antidumping duties at a rate of 234.51% on all unliquidated entries of innersprings imported previously by Rayson and requiring that Rayson pay antidumping duties at the time of importation for any future imports. In addition, CPB will evaluate whether to increase the amount of Rayson’s customs bond (CBP requires each importer to have a continuous entry bond set at a level appropriate to its potential duty exposure) and could impose additional civil or criminal penalties if it finds that Rayson committed fraud or otherwise violated U.S. customs laws.

    Interested parties may submit additional factual information (until early April 2020) and written arguments (in early May 2020) regarding CBP’s action. CBP is expected to issue a final decision by mid-July 2020.

    Enforcement of U.S. antidumping duty orders is a priority trade issue for the U.S. government. Evasion investigations like this are one of several tools that CBP (and the U.S. Department of Commerce) use to enforce compliance with antidumping duty orders.

    強制執行美國反傾銷稅令是美國政府的首要貿易問題。 諸如此類的逃避調查是CBP(和美國商務部)用來強制遵守反傾銷稅令的幾種工具之一。

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