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    Southerland signs licensee in United Arab Emirates

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    Independent mattress producer Southerland has signed a bedding manufacturer and retailer based in the United Arab Emirates as its second international licensee.

    Ajman-based (UAE) Symbol Mattress Inds. will manufacture, distribute and sell Southerland’s family of brands in five countries in the Middle East, as well as India and Pakistan. The company will distribute the beds through its Symbol-branded stores, as well as other retailers throughout the seven countries.

    Symbol Mattress Inds., which is unaffiliated with the U.S. brand of the same name, was founded in 2006 and is owned by a conglomerate with more than 37 years in mattress manufacturing and distribution. The company’s 140,000-square-foot factory is centrally located to serve both sales regions, officials said.

    “We’re excited to join forces in the Middle East, India and Pakistan with a well-established manufacturer with deep knowledge and insight in its local markets,” said Bryan Smith, president and CEO of Southerland. “American brands are highly sought after in these countries, and along with a strong partner, we expect them to perform very well regionally.”

    The five-year licensing agreement covers the company’s family of brands, including Southerland, Evolution, Heritage and American Sleep in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, India and Pakistan. Southerland recently signed its first international partnership with Doctor Jon Inc. in South Korea.

    “As we looked at our options for bringing a U.S brand into the region, we wanted a strong, respected quality brand with a range of product we could offer our customers,” said Muhammad Farooq, general manager of operations for Symbol Mattress Inds. “Southerland is an extremely well-run company with terrific brand stories we believe will resonate strongly with our consumers.”

    Southerland manufactures its products in the U.S. from company-owned and operated facilities. It began an international licensing program earlier this year, the first licensing effort in the company’s 126-year history. The initiative is led by Jim Nation, a 40-year mattress industry veteran who is Southerland’s executive vice president of national accounts and international licensing.

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