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    Corsicana to tear open mattresses at Nationwide expo in Houston

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    Corsicana Mattress Co. says it is going to tear up its showing at the upcoming Nationwide PrimeTime Expo here. And the company means that literally.

    Corsicana will tear up two of its mattresses live at the expo to showcase the components it uses and to debunk what it says is the myth that paying more for a mattress is better.

    Since opening its Innovation Center in Dallas last year, the company has purchased competitive product from a range of brands at moderate to upper-end price points to examine the makeup, test the components and compare Corsicana’s quality with higher-end goods.

    “We know our mattresses are designed better than many leading brands in the marketplace, and we’re putting it all out there for our partners at Nationwide to see,” said Mike Loomis, vice president of product development and innovation of Corsicana Mattress. “We’ve invested heavily in innovation, technology and product design to deliver a quality sleep experience without the $3,000 or more price tag, supporting the research that has shown consumers aren’t shifting toward the luxury price points.”

    “Research is at the core of every bed we design and manufacture at Corsicana,” said Davis Whitworth, national account executive at Corsicana Mattress. “The myth that quality is expensive has made consumers believe that quality sleep can’t be achieved at a lower price point, and we’re confident that our presentation will prove that wrong. Our inside story is amazing, and our goal is to provide great products at a great price and showing retailers what we’re made of is just as important.”

    “Our Innovation Center allows us to develop high-quality products at a competitive price point and pulling back the curtain to our construction and materials is a great way to show retailers that luxury sleep can be achieved at any price point,” said Michael Thompson, CEO of Corsicana Mattress.

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