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    Boxed beds everywhere at bedding-rich market

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    Boxed beds are everywhere, in online bedding retailers’ showrooms, in traditional bedding producers’ showrooms and in other showrooms, too.

    Surging online mattress sales have sparked more interest in boxed beds, and bedding exhibitors are stepping out with new boxed bed offerings.

    Leading online bedding retailers, who have popularized the boxed bed trend in recent years, have showrooms at the market and are looking for traditional retail partners.

    Casper and Resident, two online heavyweights, both have showrooms on B-13, a new bedding floor in the World Market Center.

    Brooklyn Bedding, also a Top 15 bedding e-tailer, returns to the market, while GhostBed, another online mattress retailer, makes its first showing at the market in B-980.

    And traditional bedding makers like Corsicana, King Koil and Kinsgdown are stepping up their commitment to boxed beds here.

    Corsicana is expanding its roll-pack mattress offerings across all five of its brands. The company will offer 25 boxed bed models across its five brands — from its promotional Sleep Inc. line to its premium NightsBridge line — to span retail price points beginning at $199 and climbing to $1,299.

    King Koil is introducing a comprehensive roll-pack mattress collection priced to retail from $1,299 to $1,799. Two new models round out the six-bed collection to give retailers a high-quality boxed bed supported by logistics and direct-to-consumer delivery available through King Koil, officials said.

    Kingsdown is introducing a roll-pack mattress that will give its retail partners a competitive edge with a branded offering in the category. “The Coolest Mattress in the World” roll-pack mattress was developed to allow retailers to showcase Kingsdown’s luxury brand in the category. Kingsdown’s offering is designed to elevate the boxed bed category with a leading brand that consumers recognize, officials said.

    Symbol is introducing the Luft branded direct-to-consumer boxed bed line, which it designed to give brick-and-mortar retailers an advantage over online competitors, officials said.

    Diamond Mattress is showing three new boxed bed lines, the Balance Copper Hybrid line, the Restore Copper line, and the Align gel memory foam collection.

    MLily’s WellFlex collection of boxed beds is designed to deliver a cooler night’s sleep, the company said.

    NCFI, a veteran in the boxed bed category, is showcasing what it says is the industry’s first memory foam mattress to be certified under the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s BioPreferred Program as a bio-based product.

    The BioLux Mattress is designed using proprietary foams that are also certified under the program as being developed and manufactured from plants and other renewable materials. The 11-inch BioLux Mattress, priced to retail at $1,999, is crafted with two foam layers: an eight-inch foam base topped with a three-inch layer of NCFI’s four-pound memory foam. Both layers are certified under the BioPreferred program.

    Eclipse International is expanding its Bliss in a Box program to include a hybrid model with a pocketed coil, designed to retail between $1,399 and $1,699.

    Classic Brands, a long-time player in the boxed bedding arena, is unveiling its four-model Hybrid Infinity collection along with a turnkey, omnichannel bedding program that is backed by  a product-specific website and e-commerce platform, and a social media program.

    Developed in collaboration with Sit ‘n Sleep, a leading mattress retailer based in Los Angeles, the collection has been selling online and in the retailer’s 39 stores for the last nine months.

    The line was designed to target omnichannel shoppers and to give retailers a competitive edge over e-commerce bedding brands. The beds are packaged in Classic Brands’ signature bag for easy delivery or cash and carry by consumers.

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