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    iSense develops adjustable mattress for couples

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    Bedding veteran Paul Longman has developed an adjustable mattress designed for couples, one that he says eliminates the need for couples to compromise sleep quality and comfort while sharing a bed.

    He said iSense, a subsidiary of Advanced Sleep Technologies, offers a fully adjustable bed that leverages both proprietary Energex foam and innerspring materials. Longman is the founder of Advanced Sleep Technologies.

    The new mattress, the Revive–Hybrid Premier, and its adjustable all-foam counterpart, Refresh, features patented Comfort Control technology that allows both partners to adjust their side of the mattress independently.

    To support the product launch, iSense has opened a manufacturing facility in Springfield, Mo., where the brand is headquartered.

    “The iSense Comfort Control mattress is no ordinary bed,” said Longman. “Unlike air beds, we incorporated miniature air chambers to vary the firmness of the surrounding foam comfort and support system to deliver an extensive firmness range available for each sleeper, which delivers a better sleep experience than anything on the market.”

    “Thirty years and 7 million mattresses later, I wanted to design a bed that truly can satisfy couples who have different comfort needs, so you no longer need to compromise as an individual while you live as a couple,” he said.

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