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    Glue-free Flexecore encased coil system coming to North American market

    Time:2020-02-26 13:06:10    Share:

    A new glue-free, high-density fabric-encased coil system that is potentially up to 100% recyclable will soon become available to North American mattress manufacturers thanks to an expanded joint venture between HSM and Spinks.

    The sustainably designed mattress component system, called Flexecore, uses fine gauge wire and sonically welded fabric in a concertina construction pattern, eliminating the half-pound of glue typically used to bond coil springs and mattress layers.

    Compared with many traditional foam and pocket coil-based mattress constructions, Flexecore’s volatile organic compound emissions are minimal. This new approach is anticipated to improve the economics of mattress recycling and may prevent millions of mattresses from entering landfills.

    “After two decades of pioneering advancements in microcoil technology, our latest component — five years in the making — redefines sustainable comfort technology and is set to change the industry forever,” said Simon Spinks, CEO of Spinks. “Eliminating adhesives and VOCs has actually improved the comfort of the product, meaning consumers will sleep better on mattresses incorporating Flexecore.

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