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    Brooklyn Bedding adds new Bloom mattress Combines Talalay foam, latex and individually-encased coils

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    Bedding e-tailer Brooklyn Bedding has added the new Bloom Essential Hybrid mattress to its product offerings.

    The company said the sustainably sourced mattress, constructed of Talalay Echo foam, combines the pressure point relief of hyper-responsive latex with the compression support of individually encased coils.

    “The launch of the Bloom Essential Hybrid perfectly aligns with our goal to bring customers an affordable luxury sleep experience, while owning best practices with regard to sustainability,” said John Merwin, Brooklyn Bedding owner and CEO. “Every mattress we sell is handcrafted in our factory in Phoenix where we strive for zero waste. Most of the raw materials we use, from threads and tapes to foams and coils, are recyclable.”

    Merwin said Talalay Echo foam is made using a relatively new process, by repurposing unused fabrication cuts to deliver the increased pressure point relief, durability and breathability associated with latex, while reducing wastefulness.

    The new mattress joins Brooklyn Bedding’s Bloom mattress collection, which currently includes the Bloom Hybrid mattress and the total latex Bloom mattress.

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