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    ISPA cancels Expo 2020 in New Orleans

    Time:2020-03-07 15:04:31    Share:

    The International Sleep Products Assn. today cancelled ISPA Expo 2020, which had been set for March 18-20 in New Orleans.

    The bedding industry’s trade association said it made that unprecedented decision “based on dramatically reduced attendance stemming from exhibitor concerns about the worldwide coronavirus disease (COVID-19).”

    ISPA said it is exploring options to possibly reschedule the show later this year.

    “We recognize the hard work that our exhibitors have put into preparing for ISPA Expo,” said Ryan Trainer, president of ISPA. “The decision to cancel expo was the result of a thorough and thoughtful process. The impact of the virus on corporate and individual travel plans have caused a growing number of exhibitors and attendees to drop out of expo.

    “Given the many uncertainties we are all confronting with COVID-19, we expect this situation will only worsen. The ISPA Executive Committee made the difficult but prudent decision to cancel ISPA Expo 2020 because of the number of exhibitors and buyers that have informed us that they are withdrawing from the show.”

    This is the first time in ISPA’s history that the organization’s flagship trade show has been cancelled. ISPA staff is notifying all exhibitors, attendees and vendors about this action, and it will be working to determine if it is possible to reschedule the show later in the year, officials said.

    “This is an unprecedented situation, and ISPA asks for patience as it works to determine the best course of action in support of members and the industry it proudly serves,” the association said in a statement.

    “The ISPA Board and staff are committed to delivering the value and experiences our members and exhibitors have come to expect from ISPA Expo,” Trainer said. “We look forward to overcoming these challenges and bringing the industry together as soon as safely and logistically possible.”

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