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    Sheex launches new mattresses Made with technology based on consumer feedback

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    Sheex is launching two new mattresses: the AirStream Max Quantum-Hybrid Cooling mattress
    and the AirStream Max Graphite Cooling mattress.

    “Both of these performance mattresses are designed to facilitate maximum airflow around the
    sleeper, working in tandem with our soft and breathable performance sheets to maintain the ideal
    sleep temperature and provide optimum recovery,” said Susan Walvius, Sheex co-founder and

    Walvius said both mattresses offer a range of materials made with technology based on consumer

    The AirStream Max Quantum-Hybrid Cooling 11-inch mattress has an adaptive core to provide
    support and alignment, while the sleep surface offers medium firmness for comfort and relief of
    pressure points. The mattress includes up to 1,200 Bolsa pocketed-coils surrounded by supporting
    coils. The coils help prevent roll-together which reduces sleep-disrupting partner movements. Two
    additional layers of memory foam work together to deliver temperature controlling airflow.

    The 10-inch AirStream Max Graphite Cooling mattress is designed to support the entire body for
    proper alignment and pressure point relief while offering a firm yet responsive sleep surface. The
    Max-Air foundation foam provides a sturdy supportive base layer in this mattress and contains
    microscopic air pockets that promote airflow.

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