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    CIFF Guangzhou rescheduled for July 18-21 Office furniture, machinery and woodworking component set for July 27-30

    Time:2020-03-28 14:36:34    Share:

    Organizers of the 45th China International Furniture Fair have announced new dates for the original March event that was postponed due to COVID-19.

    The residential furniture, home décor and outdoor furniture show will now take place July 18-21.

     The office furniture and furniture equipment and materials component will take place from July 27-30.

    CIFF Guangzhou is always prepared to adjust and respond to changing circumstances,show organizer China Foreign Trade-Exhibition General Corp. said in a statement. 

    Giving full consideration to the welfare of exhibitors and visitors, the organizers have made cautious decisions and careful plans in providing a safe, healthy and ordered exhibition environment.

    The organizer said the new dates also will allow exhibitors and visitors, many of which recently have just begun to resume normal production and work schedules, more time to prepare for the show.

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