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    SX-820i AUTOMATIC BONELL TRANSFER MACHINE is latest model for producing "Bonell" type innerspring units. It can produce innerspring units directly from wire. Firstly the steel wire is coiled to a spring, and then transferred and inserted to the assembler by the automatic feeding system. After this, the upper and lower springs are coiled together at the same time and helical wire is coiled, cut and clamped at both ends automatically. When a unit is finished, it could be ejected automatically.

    Technical Data
    Spring Type Bonell
    Capacity 80 Springs / Min
    Max Width 2M
    Spring End Ring Φ65-Φ72MM,Φ75-Φ90MM,Φ82-Φ92MM
    Spring Steel Wire Gauge Φ1.9-Φ2.4MM
    Height Wire Gauge Φ1.3-Φ1.5MM
    Spring Height 80-200MM(
    Convolutions 4-7 Turns
    Total Power 30KVA
    Weight 5355KG
    Power Requirement 380V,3 Phase,50-60HZ(Option:415V-480V, 220V)

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